Domestic Sprinkler Systems

Bellanhurst is qualified to design, install and maintain Domestic Sprinkler Systems. Domestic Sprinklers provide peace of mind and are designed to save life. We cover Mid Wales, North Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire.

Using only approved materials our team leader is a qualified mechanical engineer and sprinkler specialist, ensuring the highest of standards for your sprinkler system. We use approved and tested materials.

Domestic Fire Safety (Wales) Regulations require all new ‘domestic premises’ to have a fire suppression system installed. The requirements apply throughout Wales from 1st January 2016 and apply to new build and change of use applications forming:

New houses and flats, care homes, rooms for residential purposes (other than in a hotel, hospital, prison or short stay leisure hostel), registered group homes and sheltered housing.

The new Approved Documents for Part B (Wales) contain guidance as follows:

Section 2 in B1 ‘Residential Automatic Fire Suppression Systems’. Section 2 requires suppression systems to be designed and installed to BS 9251 and 9252.

Our systems will be designed to cover the entire dwelling, except fire separated garages, communal shared areas in flats, bathrooms under 5m2, cupboards under 2m2.

Guidance will be given on means of water supply to the system.

We will give you clear guidance on the maintenance requirements for your system.


In the event of a fire not every single head will activate on the system. Individual sprinkler heads will activate once the air around the head reaches a certain temperature.

Sprinklers create significantly less water damage than fire hoses.

Sprinklers do not accidentally go off. They do not detect smoke, they activate as a result of temperature rises, therefore they won’t activate if you burn your toast!

British Standards

There are two main British Standards for the design of sprinkler systems. BS 9251:2014 covers domestic and residential systems and BS EN 12845 covers all buildings. In most instances covered by the new regulations the domestic standard is the most appropriate and cost effective.

Water supply worries?

Where town mains are to be used, we will consult with the water supplier to establish the typical operating water pressure range and flow capacities available, and we can run a peak flow test ourselves. If mains pressure cannot be guaranteed we can fit one of two options:

Mains fed with in-line booster pump OR tank fed and pumped.

Which system?

There are 3 categories of system defined by BS 9251:2014, depending on building type, size, and number of sprinklers per room. This is a consideration at the design stage and we can advise depending on your property type and size.

Choosing your designers and installers

Design, installation and commissioning must be carried out by competent persons, defined as: a person, suitably trained and qualified by knowledge, understanding and practical experience.

We are qualified and insured to carry our Domestic Sprinkler Design and Installation. 

To find out more, or to request a call back please us our contact form on the website and we will get back to you shortly.